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Shop Antique Napoleon III Oak Folding Table - Spirit Gallery Vintage Furniture


1900's Japanese Sculpted Wooden Tea Table

Asian Creations

Bucket Stand

Bucket Stand

The champagne bucket stand is meticulously handmade, reflecting the skilled craftsmanship of artisans. As brass is a natural material, slight variations in finish, texture, or color may occur, adding to the unique character and charm of each individual piece. Embracing these subtle differences contributes to the authenticity of this handcrafted item.
Jar XL - Spirit Gallery



Our ceramic collections are entirely handcrafted by potters in the region of Salé, a historical neighborhood in Morocco reputed for its exceptional know-how. Since we are located in the same zone, our creative director Jonathan Amar has maintained ongoing collaborations with the artisans throughout the years.

The purpose is not only to promote local know-how but to also challenge their work through new creative processes. His collections are predominantly inspired by 1930s Italian ceramics and Egyptian antique work. Some of his pieces are unique and crafted in collaboration with the artisans. Others are built using skillful workmanship through the use of techniques such as sculpting, carving and enameling.

Set of 6 Folding Italian chairs by Aldo Jacober for Alberto Bazzani, 1960s


Our collection of collectible 20th century side chairs, office chairs, swivel chairs and dining room chairs
1970's Italian Reggiani Three Globes Adjustable Pendant

Chandeliers and Pendants

Introducing our curated collection of 20th-century restored chandeliers and pendants. All our pieces are meticulously restored at our atelier and are universally wired to the highest standards. 

Charging Tables by JA Studio

Coffee and Cocktail Tables

Coffee and Cocktail Tables

Our collection of 20th century coffee and cocktail tables
Standing Mirror, Confinement Collection by JAS - Spirit Gallery

Confinement Collection by JA Studio

The Conscious Confinement Collection is a unique series of lights, tables, and decorative objects designed by Jonathan Amar Studio in his Rabat workshop during his three months of quarantine in Morocco. With no access to outside suppliers Jonathan and his team built each design using vintage pieces and pieces of prototypes born from decades of interior projects worldwide.

Artisanal Thuya Coffee Table from Essaouira, 1930's - Spirit Gallery

Console Tables

Our collection of 20th century console tables

Contemporary Design by JA Studio


Contemporary Lighting by JA Studio

1960's Danish Lounge Chair by Ole Gjerlov Knudssen for France & Søn

Danish Creations

Shop Art Nouveau Vase by Jean Langlade, France, 1920's - Spirit Gallery Vintage Furniture


Cat Ink Paiting by Paulette Lagosse, 1969 - Spirit Gallery

Decorative arts

Georges Jouve Round Ceramic Dish - Spirit Gallery

Decorative Objects

Desk Lamps

Desk Lamps

Discover All Our Desk Lamps Ranging From The 1950's To The 1980's

Desk Lamps by JA Studio

French Mid-Century Flip Top Desk, 1950-1960 - Spirit Gallery


G Plan 1950's dining room chairs - mid-century modern - 20th century

Dining Chairs

Our selection of 20th century collectible dining room chairs
Dining Room Tables

Dining Room Tables

Our Collection Of Dining Room Tables
Shop Dutch Oak Art Deco Armchairs by Bas Van Pelt, 1930's - Spirit Gallery Vintage Furniture

Dutch Creations

East European Creations


1955 Japanese Mid-Century Coffee table by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform



1970s Italian Murano and Chrome Floor Lamp by Carlo Nason

Floor Lamps

Our collection of 20th century collectible floor lamps
Floor Lamps by JA Studio

Floor Lamps by JA Studio

Our studio designs and produces bespoke brass lighting, furniture and accessories with the double ambition of being modern and familiar, universal yet poetic. Each piece is handmade between the Portuguese city of Leiria, reputed for its exquisite glass making, and Rabat in Morocco.

Brass and glass, the central components of our collections, are available in an array of finishes. Since they work well with a multitude of materials, our studio associates them with a unique palette of colors and textures. Expertly handwoven rattan and wicker are used to design lampshades; original Zellige mosaic designs form tabletops; lamp stems are sheathed in various hand-stitched leather colors by artisan saddlers. Hand-engravings and brass openwork, core know-hows of our studio, bring forth a new perspective on each piece.

Jonathan Amar Studio embraces a contemporary outlook on traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. In over 35 years we've built a strong ecosystem within Moroccan artisanry with the aim of perpetuating its cultural heritage. Our designs are customizable and therefore adapted to all types of clients and professionals for small and big scale projects.

Shop Rare Copacabana Chair by Mathieu Mategot, France, 1950's - Spirit Gallery Vintage Furniture

French Creations

Our Online Selection of French Vintage and Designer Items

German Creations

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Georges Jouve Round Ceramic Dish - Spirit Gallery

Home Page - Decorative objects

20th Century Italian Vintage Glass Steel Pendant, 1970s - Spirit Gallery

Home Page - May 2017

1930's French Industrial Desk Lamp



20th Century Rare Brass Floor Lamp by Tommaso Barbi, 1970's - Spirit Gallery

Italian Vintage Design

Lounge Chairs

Lounge Chairs

Our Collection Of Lounge Chairs
Handcrafted Led Light Mosaic and Brass Bathroom Mirror by Jonathan Amar Studio

Mirror by JA Studio

Wooden Dining Table and Chairs Set by André Sornay, France 1930s

New Items

Office Chairs

Office Chairs

Discover our selection of  Office Chairs
Artisanal Thuya Coffee Table from Essaouira, 1930's - Spirit Gallery

Oriental Creations

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