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We are a 20th century furniture, lighting, and decorative arts gallery with an emphasis on bespoke (mid-century modern) pieces that have captured the essences of design in history. Our gallery presents a harmonious mix of iconic pieces and lesser known yet engaging items. Situated in the outskirts of Rabat, the historic capital of Morocco, we take pride in being the first of our kind in the region to showcase a carefully curated collection of vintage and antique treasures.

Spirit Gallery is all the more unique because it incorporates an exhibition space, a restoration atelier, a photo studio and offices. Visit our space for more information.



Our finds are sought by interior designer and decorator Jonathan Amar, a pioneer in the countries interior design scene and one of the first to fuse Moroccan craftsmanship with cutting-edge designs. In forty years he has decorated and designed furniture for more than a hundred hotels, restaurants, clubs and private domains in the world.

The decision to create a gallery in his intriguing workspace was born as natural continuum to his activity. Since the beginning of his professional life Jonathan Amar collects eclectic furniture and art from his ever-repeating travels with great passion and flair for beauty.

His success strives from sourcing designs with striking shapes, creative techniques and interesting materials that cross the concept of time in the same way a Spirit does.

Whether the materials are rare or common, the pieces unique or industrial, the designer famous or emerging, we take pride in selecting objects of pure style with thought provoking designs and shapes.

More than curate, we reunite the Past with the Present & the Future through careful preservative and restorative work.


Through Amar Studio created in the early 1980's, Jonathan oversees worldwide public and private projects through his offices in Paris and Rabat. Restaurants, bars and hotels… the designer has brought to life more than 160 projects since the beginning of his career.

To name a few: Les Bains Douches, Comptoir Marrakech, Renaissance hotel, Castel, Nobu, numerous Costes bars, Momo's and Sketch in London, Aroma Café in Bahrein, Club Med suites, Saint James hotel.

Amar Studio distinguishes itself through a 360° degree approach to project management: from the general conception, to designing and producing our own line of furniture and lighting arrangements for the realization of the projects. Our style is characterized by the double ambition of being modern and familiar, universal yet poetic.


Through Amar Studio Jonathan Amar has designed a collection of adjustable handmade lights that are an ode to brass which will be launched May 2017.

Over the years, Amar Studio has evolved to become an innovative creative workshop that brings allure and originality to objects.


In 2015 his know-how from the worlds of design and furniture led him to a bold new project: the creation of Amar Cycles, in which he, together with his team of bicycle enthusiasts give new life to quality bicycles. Jonathan Amar – who has been cycling for decades - finally decided to fully embrace his passion for beautiful bikes, and apply his know-how to a mode of transportation.

The bicycle embodies a free way of living in harmony with the environment. And seeing very few people possessing bikes that correspond to their real identity and personality, Jonathan Amar decided to dedicate himself to the manufacturing of such handmade to measure bicycles. His unique style shines through all his collections – which is what make an Amar Cycles so special.

Today Jonathan Amar's showroom is a tribute to the reinterpretation of Morocco's rich artisan heritage and proof it is fully capable of meeting the standards of contemporary design.


Our experienced craftspeople and their shared passion for antiques ensures that the pieces we offer are given a generous lifespan. 

We are 4 to work full time on the furniture restoration process and together we incorporate various fields of expertise:

  • Disassembly and Reassembly 
  • Cleaning and Polishing
  • Electrical Work
  • Refinishing techniques
  • Metalworking (welding, abrasion repair

Other highly crucial aspects of the restoration processes such as re-upholstery are achieved by our talented  Partners.