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Floor Lamps by JA Studio

Our studio designs and produces bespoke brass lighting, furniture and accessories with the double ambition of being modern and familiar, universal yet poetic. Each piece is handmade between the Portuguese city of Leiria, reputed for its exquisite glass making, and Rabat in Morocco.

Brass and glass, the central components of our collections, are available in an array of finishes. Since they work well with a multitude of materials, our studio associates them with a unique palette of colors and textures. Expertly handwoven rattan and wicker are used to design lampshades; original Zellige mosaic designs form tabletops; lamp stems are sheathed in various hand-stitched leather colors by artisan saddlers. Hand-engravings and brass openwork, core know-hows of our studio, bring forth a new perspective on each piece.

Jonathan Amar Studio embraces a contemporary outlook on traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. In over 35 years we've built a strong ecosystem within Moroccan artisanry with the aim of perpetuating its cultural heritage. Our designs are customizable and therefore adapted to all types of clients and professionals for small and big scale projects.