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Teapots by JAS

“The art of tea making, a tribute to the love of a Moroccan tradition”
Meticulously crafted by master blacksmiths hailing from Fez, our teapots embody a harmonious blend of modern design and age-old craftsmanship, resulting in a piece that is both unique and timeless.
We've taken inspiration from a bygone era to create a teapot of unparalleled character, one that beautifully showcases the interplay between the old and the new. From the sourcing of high-quality materials to the careful attention paid to every manufacturing detail, each piece is built to last.
For everyday use, we recommend opting for our nickel-plated teapot, renowned for its fire-resistant properties. For special occasions, our silver or gold-plated options are a perfect choice, adding an extra touch of elegance to your tea service.
In line with our commitment to sustainability, our teapots come beautifully packaged in an eco-friendly presentation. The delicate fabric bag, handwoven by skilled artisans in Tangier, is housed within a fully recycled box, ensuring that your purchase is not only a feast for the senses but also kind to the planet.