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Teapots by JAS

“The art of tea making, a tribute to the love of a Moroccan tradition”

Handmade by master blacksmiths from Fez, our teapots are the fruit of an intricate dialogue between modern design and artisanal craftsmanship.

We revisited an ancestral tradition to create a teapot of character that illuminates the duality between tradition and modernity. Each piece is built to stand the test of time through the careful sourcing of materials and the attention to every manufacturing detail.

The way we advise you to care for your teapot depends on the material you choose: nickel-plated is fire resistant and most suited for everyday use. silver or gold plated are advised for your receptions.

An eco-friendly packaging serves as a presentation: the fabric bag is beautifully weaved by artisans in tangier and placed inside a fully recycled box.