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Pucci de Rossi (Italy, 1947-2013)

"Pucci De Rossi, a native of Verona and a sculptor by training, settled in Paris in 1977. His work was initially influenced by the Memphis Group. However, inspired over time by his boundless imagination and the combined influence of his travels, current affairs and art history, Pucci De Rossi developed a more unique style of work. Without losing sight of his identity as a sculptor, he creates objects which transcend functionality and are imbued with poetry, humour and food for thought. 




As a sculptor inspired by ideas, forms and materials, Pucci De Rossi strives to bring together the two realms of daily life and Fine art. The incongruous results of some of these combinations have inspired him to develop a poetry of subversion, incorporating conflicting values into ironic designs.

Pucci De Rossi’s work has long been a firm favorite with numerous collectors captivated by his “sculptures for living spaces” - functional objects with soul, occupying the aesthetic ground between conventional furniture and works of art." -© COPYRIGHT 2014 Galerie HSP Paris.