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A gallery with spirit 

We are a 20th-century collectible furniture and decorative arts space in Rabat and a showroom in Paris. We export worldwide and are represented by top resellers 1stDibs (USA), Pamono (Europe), InCollect (USA) and VInterior (United-Kingdom).  

Our gallery presents contemporary handcrafted designs by Jonathan Amar Studio and a harmonious mix of fully restored 20th-century iconic furniture and decorative objects with an emphasis on Italian bespoke mid-century pieces.

The Space &  Team 

Our 350 square meter workspace in Rabat includes a luminous gallery, a photo studio, a production workshop, and a restoration atelier.

We are six to work full time on the restoration of the vintage pieces and the crafting of JA Studio's designs. Together we incorporate various fields of expertise:

  • Disassembly and Reassembly 
  • Cleaning and Polishing
  • Electrical Work
  • Woodworking and refinishing techniques
  • Metalworking (welding, abrasion repair)

In the vintage section, experienced craftspeople restore each piece with the mission to honor a balance between restoration and preservation.  

Other highly crucial aspects such as re-upholstery and leatherwork are achieved by our talented  Partners.

The Curator  

Our finds are sought by designer and interior's specialist Jonathan Amar, a pioneer in the countries design scene and one of the first to fuse Moroccan craftsmanship with cutting-edge designs. In forty years he has decorated and designed furniture for more than a hundred hotels, restaurants, clubs and private domains in the world.

The decision to create a gallery in his intriguing workspace was born as a natural continuum to his activity. Since the beginning of his professional life, Jonathan Amar collects eclectic furniture and art from his ever-repeating travels with great passion and flair for beauty.

His success strives from sourcing designs with striking shapes, creative techniques and interesting materials that cross the concept of time in the same way a Spirit does.

Whether the materials are rare or common, the pieces unique or industrial, the designer famous or emerging, he selects objects of pure style with thought-provoking designs and shapes.

More than curate, he reunites the Past with the Present & the Future through careful preservative and restorative work.

About Jonathan Amar 

Born in Rabat in 1955 and raised in France from an early age, Jonathan Amar is one of the first designers to export artisanal Moroccan know-how abroad. His eclectic bringing up, from both shores of the Mediterranean, the teaching he acquired during his travels around the world, make him without a doubt one of the most unusual designers-creators of his generation.   He is behind the New Age and Ethno-Chic Baroque movements or the art of blending the world's cultures*, creating places where exceptional decoration is an essential element. Indeed, he has the talent of merging various elements - even disparate - and integrating them into a new aesthetic set. His style will give birth to a number of movements which will inspire many artists and decorators. This ability allows him to undertake all types of projects, appropriate various volumes and he quickly develops a flair for lighting arrangements, giving each of his projects a strong identity. In 1985, at the age of 30, Hubert Boukobza entrusts him with the artistic direction of ”Les Bains Douches". It is a true institution of Parisian nights; a meeting place for international society and art, and one of the top ten most famous establishments in the world. During a typical night at les Bains you may cross David Bowie, Jack Nicholson, Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop or Madonna, but also all the international models of the planet and the big names of the Cinema. A melting pot that will make ”Les Bains" the most famous place on the planet. His studio is behind more than 180 projects in both the private and public domains.

JA Studio

Created in 1989 Jonathan Amar works on prestigious projects internationally for both private and commercial spaces. 

His activities are split into three domains: 

- Design studio 

- Interior design

- Consultancy for international design firms with projects in Morocco (handling artisanal production units, modernization of Moroccan spaces, supplying luxury handcrafted lighting).  

In the interior design field, his studio has overseen more than 140 restaurants, bars, and hotels throughout the world in 25 years.  He intervenes on concept creation and brand identity. 

To name a few: Royal Mansour, Les Bains Douches, Comptoir Marrakech, Renaissance hotel, Castel, Nobu, numerous Costes restaurants and bars in Paris, Momo's and Sketch in London, Aroma Café in Bahrein, Club Med suites, Saint James hotel, consultancy for Ping Pong London.