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Osvaldo Borsani (Italy, 1911-1985)

Osvaldo Borsani (Varedo 1911- Milano 1985) began work at an early age in the family business of making furniture. In 1953, along with his brother Fulgenzio, he founded Tecno, the great project for which he worked his whole life in order to develop standard production with reference to that of design.


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Tecno  became known for its technological approach of furniture design. The company conceived the highly famous rubber-armed P40 adjustable armchair (1953) that was able to assume more than 400 hundred postures and the D70 reversible seat sofa. His pieces perfectly balance between lines and curves, function and elegance, lightness and robustness. Tecno has created solutions that have become archetypes in the world of furniture. These solutions, which are still just as valid today, are now collections that represent natural additions to the executive furniture for private, office and public settings, where ergonomics and design combine with functionality and beauty.

In 1968 it was the office system Graphis (together with Eugenio Gerli and coming into vogue around the world in a million copies) thanks to which Tecno became a world-leading manufacturer in design for the office.
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