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Unio-VI-I-II - Spirit Gallery
Unio-VI-I-II - Spirit Gallery
Unio-VI-I-II - Spirit Gallery



The Unio-.6 is a connected table built with of a sophisticated modular arm. The two-axis 360 orientation of the support allows you to position a tablet or smartphone at your convenience.

The device holder can be replaced by two different modules:

- Wireless lamp
- Illuminating vanity mirror

Both modules charge with the magnetic QI tabletop.

rechargeable table via usb port, battery life 10 hours

modular arm with tablet or smartphone holder 360° rotation

solid walnut, integrated qi charger pad

table height 56cm, Ø top 50cm, Ø base 20.5cm arm length 76 cm, total height 118 cm

weight 12.8 kgs

polished brass / nickel plated / aged tabletop walnut / beech / bubinga optional hand engravings